Your Commitment

We are currently recruiting volunteer International Ambassadors to help lead our workshops in KwaZulu-Natal this upcoming summer. In applying for one of these position, you would be applying to represent LetsStopAIDS internationally, and to act as a long-term liaison between your rural partner organization (RPO), our organization, and youth everywhere.

What We Are Looking For…

This is definitely not a role that just anyone can fill. Given that your days will be long, and your environment likely new, it is imperative that you are an adaptable person who thrives on challenges and change.

In order to carry out the programming objectives of Spread Trees, Not AIDS, you must also have the motivation and leadership skills to present to youth groups. More so, you will need the stamina to do so day after day.

And of equal importance to the above, we look for dedication – someone who will not only be there for our time this summer in KwaZulu-Natal, but someone who can commit from the preparatory stages of this opportunity, through to the one year of additional volunteering with the organization we request upon your return from your project sites.