Our Previous Projects

South Africa 2009 – Spread Trees, Not AIDS Official Project Launch
In June of 2009, six International Youth Ambassadors from LetsStopAIDS were divided into teams of two, and placed in three rural communities in the province of KwaZulu-Natal to work with our Rural Partner Organizations (RPOs) and develop community outreach projects tailored to their specific needs on key issues such as HIV, the environment, and leadership development. During this time, environmental initiatives included the tilling and planting of a community garden, a compost system was started at one of our RPOs sites, and trees were planted at several sites. Ambassadors also spent time hosting leadership development and educational HIV workshops with local youth, training them to become peer-to-peer educators within their own communities.

South Africa 2008 – Spread Trees, Not AIDS Pilot Project
In 2008, the LetsStopAIDS team led a three week pilot project for Spread Trees, Not AIDS in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa – the region with one of the highest HIV prevalence in the world, and where deforestation is a major environmental challenge. The project team travelled to five rural villages and one urban community to perform workshops on HIV prevention, leadership and environmental awareness. Through this, the organization was able to create the roots of what would become a future network of youth HIV peer educators.

Many of the youth were unclear about the benefits of a healthy environment, and a general lack of environmental concern from the community was observed. However, as discussions progressed, so was an interest to learn and help. The pilot project demonstrated the potential to bridge the information gap between the two connected issues and provide tangible support to the community through health and environmental education.

India 2007 – Realizing a Vision

South Africa 2006