Environmental Awareness

A clean environment is vital to a healthy life; unfortunately, many people affected by poverty and HIV especially, have traditionally overlooked this importance because of other pressures in their lives. While environmental resources can be a valuable source of income, the sustainable extraction of these resources is crucial for the health of the ecosystem. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to raise environmental awareness within communities that are placing an unsustainable demand on local resources. From our pilot project in 2008, we learned that youth were very receptive to the concept that “we must not ruin the environment because if we do there will be nothing left for our brothers and sisters,” as one particular youth was quoted as saying. During our projects since then, this message has just been further reinforced.

In addition to their own workshop and community initiatives, the international ambassadors will work on further developing and improving environmental-focused projects started in previous years. These projects are designed to mobilize communities through awareness and support, so that they may continue the work even after the International Youth Ambassadors have left.