Our Community Partners

Bhekuzulu Self-Sufficient Project (BSSP)
Started in 2004, this organization provides home-based care for People Living with HIV (PLHIV), food security as well as care and support of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). Much of their work with OVCs is done through two local half-way houses. BSSP is also active in assisting beneficiaries to secure government grants to reduce poverty.

KwaHilda Oncgwele Centre
This organization seeks to assist OVCs, vulnerable families, and the elderly, to alleviate the widespread poverty in the community. Outreach campaigns are conducted to raise awareness around HIV, violence, and domestic abuse. This organization also operates an early childhood education centre, soup kitchen and food security programme.

Dududu Drop-In Centre
The Dududu Drop-In Centre aims to provide care and support to all those who are infected and affected by HIV within the Dududu catchment area, focusing especially on orphan and destitute children, through preventing new infections. The organisation’s objectives are centred around sound administrative practice, the provision of exceptional crèche facilities for preschool orphans and vulnerable children, the provision of support and care for school age children infected or affected by HIV, the encouragement towards voluntary counselling and testing, and the formation of support groups, positive living programmes, and family food security programmes.