Current Projects


LiveLifeLoving isn’t your typical “learn about HIV” website. It’s an online portal where young people can share information and stories about HIV in a safe and stigma-free forum. We are your first point of contact if you or someone you know was recently diagnosed with HIV. From serious conversations on ‘Treatment & Prevention’ to more fun topics covering ‘Dating & Sex’, LiveLifeLoving gives you the tools and support network you need to live your life to the fullest with love.

Spread Trees, Not AIDS

Spread Trees, Not AIDS brings together two pressing issues of our time: HIV and environmental degradation. Together, these devastating forces are crippling communities, sapping resources, and disempowering the millions affected. Founded with local organizations in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Spread Trees, Not AIDS is a sustainable and educational, action-based leadership programme through which we aim to inspire and mobilize youth for positive social change.

24 Hour Wake

Each year, high schools across Canada host the 24 Hour Wake – where participants stay awake for 24 hours and take part in various activities – to promote HIV awareness and generate greater interest towards local and international issues relating to HIV.

Youth-HIV Knowledge Exchange

We host youth-HIV workshops across Canada. LetsStopAIDS’ youth-HIV workshops focus on youth leadership in the HIV community and how we play an important role in the HIV epidemic globally. We discuss sexuality, life skills and how we each can play a meaningful contribution to our local communities.