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Canada's Largest Annual Youth-HIV Event

Launch Year


NoTimeToWait was born out of a desire to take action about the rising Youth-HIV rates in Canada

NoTimeToWait is Canada’s largest annual Youth-HIV leadership event for youth which reframes and destigmatizes the conversation around sex, advocacy and leadership in the Youth-HIV space.

NoTimeToWait was born out of a desire to take action about the rising Youth-HIV rates in Canada. The event aims to engage and empower youth to become knowledgeable Youth-HIV leaders and advocates within their own communities, through keynote speakers, information sessions, Q&A’s, music and social events.

This event is an opportunity for youth to become leaders to help achieve zero new infections by 2030 - there is no time to wait.

NoTimeToWait Year 3 at Spaces venue in Toronto, showing two youth coordinators kicking off the event
NoTimeToWait Year 4 Stage with two LetsStopAIDS youth leaders

NoTimeToWait journey


NoTimeToWait 2020 Logo Poster

NoTimeToWait's inaugural year was in 2020. The programme began hoping that NoTimeToWait would be a platform for young Canadians to fugure their knowledge on HIV-related issues and develop the advocacy skills necessary to carry out sustainable initiatives.


NoTimeToWait 2021 Branding poster showing a poster that says "F*CK THE CHAIN".
Theme: “______________ The Chain” 

We wanted to recognize stigma and break the ideological “chains” preventing inclusion of all minority groups in order to celebrate diversity to foster self growth and promote inclusivity.

Building the chain means to acknowledge opportunities to collaborate, equip attendees with skills to build their own networks, and facilitate ongoing collaboration to affect positive chain. Simultaneously, focusing on connecting minorities (indigenous, black, French-speaking, etc. youh).

⁠ Backing the chain meant to recognize your role in preventing new HIV infections, the impact that would have on the larger community, and to reinforce the efforts of prevention education. The conference also wanted to highlight the importance of self-testing, harm reduction, HIV treatment, PrEP, staying healthy, etc., in supporting the community to stop HIV.


NoTimeToWait 2022 Logo that says me + you + us, showing the CMYK branding
Theme: me + you + us

...focuses on the individual.
⁠onversations around self-care, self-reflection, and making an impact as an individual. 

...focuses on how we interact with others.
⁠Discussions about supporting each other, and broaching difficult conversations to foster understanding and reduce stigma.

...focuses on the collective.
Dialogues centering around the strength in collaboration, cross-cultural community building, and breaking barriers to inclusion. 


NoTimeToWait 2023 Theme Poster: Flip The Switch with pink and yellow gradient pills.
Theme: Flip the Switch

Flipping the switch is about shedding light on HIV-related issues that have shifted over recent years due to social and societal changes. We need to spark change, strategize and take action. NoTimeToWait called our youth to rewire the narrative moving forward!

More projects

Peer Educators working at the LetsStopAIDS Headquarters Office designing the P2P workshops.
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