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Online Translated COVID-19 Health Information

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COVID-19 messages translated across 30 languages

HeyCOVID19 was created to share accurate information about COVID-19 (provided by the World Health Organization and the Canadian Government) in multiple languages. We found many people didn’t have the accurate information they needed in their native language, which is why we have translated information into 25 languages and made the content easy to share on social media. Since 2020, we have provided information about mask use, transmission, social distancing, COVID variants, and vaccination. Our next iteration of HeyCOVID19 focuses on encouraging all people, especially youth, to get their booster vaccinations.

HeyCOVID19 journey


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2020 Campaign

HeyCOVID19 was born out of a desire to provide accessible, youth-friendly World Health Organization (WHO) information to visible minorities, refugees, and marginalised communities that are being disproportionately affected by COVID-19. LetsStopAIDS found that several communities had difficulties finding accurate COVID-19 information in their native language.

The initial campaign launched in March 2020 and provided information around mask use, variants, and vaccination in bite-sized pieces in an effort to make it both engaging for youth and shareable on social media. We do this by sharing every piece of information in a square-size graphic with bold colours and creative emojis to encourage people to share them on their social feeds. These graphics also each feature the voices of real youth around the world and every image is available to download on the HeyCovid19 website, making it that much easier to share.


An example of a HeyCOVID19 2020 message in English
2021 Campaign

As the pandemic bled into 2021, society faced different challenges. Vaccine roll out brought with it widespread misinformation as well as valid concerns around safety and efficacy. HeyCOVID19 2.0 was reinstated to address new issues and debunk myths surrounding the vaccine.

The campaign highlighted key messages on the safety of vaccine mixing, the importance of vaccine efficacy through second doses, and the how-tos of social reintegration.


An example of a HeyCOVID19 2023 booster shot message in Spanish
2023 Campaign: HeyCOVID19 Booster

The 2023 iteration of HeyCOVID19 was designed to address the notion that the pandemic was only an issue of the past. This campaign placed a heavy emphasis on encouraging youth to get their booster vaccinations in an effort to curb new COVID infections and prioritise the health of vulnerable populations.

HeyCOVID19 3.0 reminds everyone that protecting ourselves and others from COVID-19 is still an ongoing process. We believe that it isn’t right that some people are left out when potentially life-saving information is being shared, which is why we translate this information so that all people, regardless of the language they speak, can be informed about a topic that deeply affects all of our lives and health.

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