We are a youth driven Canadian charity. We focus on HIV prevention and knowledge exchange.

About Us

LetsStopAIDS was founded in 2004, by then 15-year old Shamin Mohamed Jr., with a small group of high school students that decided to take on a challenge to educate other young people about HIV globally. The group told their principal their plans and she asked if they were “trying to start a scam or something?” The challenge kept on gaining local and international attention which created a specific goal: to inspire young people affected by HIV to take action, within their local communities.

Our Vision

Zero New HIV Infections

Every youth is given the knowledge, resources, and support necessary to make this vision a reality.

Living Positively

Every youth living or affected by HIV must be given equal, fulfilling leadership opportunities that allow them to live their life.

Our Values

Our mission is to engage young people in the promotion of HIV prevention through open spaces that encourage dialogue.

We share information and knowledge about HIV. Teamwork and diverse alternative ideas are at the core of this initiative.

We inspire youth to take action, within local communities. Young people must be given fair opportunities in leadership roles to express their creative skills.

We create a global network of youth-HIV peer educators. Through youth leadership and volunteer opportunities, we promote HIV prevention and positive living.

Shamin Mohamed Jr.
Founder & President

Shamin lives by his motto, “All it takes it one action to make one dream a reality.” When Shamin was fifteen, he was devastated to learn about the death of children through HIV. He wanted to make a difference and prove that youth have a strong impact on society.

Shamin founded LetsStopAIDS with a small group of high school students and very quickly he became an inspirational speaker to thousands of youth across 60+ countries, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe, promoting the message that youth can truly make a difference.

Shamin, who has always been keen to take action and create new leadership opportunities, started LetsStopAIDS from an idea which has now evolved into an open team that young people and their communities develop its key programme priorities, as opposed to shareholders.

Shamin is a recipient of the DAREarts Leadership award and is one of the 2005 Canada’s ‘Top 20 Under 20’ for innovation, leadership and achievement. He has been the president of his middle school and high school. He was also the Toronto District School Board’s SuperCouncil President representing 86 000 secondary students in 103 secondary schools. He is one of the founding team members and the director of operations at DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company. Shamin has an Honours Baccalaureate of Health Sciences program at the University of Ottawa. He is also is a Certified Project Manager. Shamin is born in Toronto with a Guyanese background.

Shamin is a humanitarian, inspirational speaker, a leader, and a follower that believes that everyone can achieve their dreams, once they strive for it.

Paul Cadiente
Chair, Board of Directors

Paul is one of the oldest members of LetsStopAIDS and has been around since about 2007.

He provides logistical and operational support to the Leadership Team and has spoken with former and current LSA volunteers about making a contribution to the organization though even the smallest of actions.

You will find Paul mostly in Canada helping keep the organization running and successful, but he plays a hand in making sure that our overseas missions are a major success.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Canadian Studies from York University in Toronto and is in the midst of completing his Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.

Yilin Chen CPA, CA
Chief Financial Officer

Yilin has been part of LetsStopAIDS since 2010 and takes care of all financial reporting duties. She enjoys community service and serves as board of director at Peel Chinese Community Service Hub.

Yilin currently works at Brenntag Canada. She used to work for Deloitte Canada with focus on Private and non-for-profit clients. Yilin holds Bachelor of Commerce degree and Master of Management and Professional Accounting degree from University of Toronto.

Hunain Khan M.D.
Vice President, National

Hunain completed his Doctor of Medicine from Windsor University School of Medicine. He has always had a strong affinity for public health, preventative medicine, and social awareness.

He has lead multiple preventative health projects, and relief missions globally, and published patient literature on mental health and social issues. Currently, Hunain is the National Vice-President of LetsStopAIDS where he leads the development of engaging national projects including youth-focused HIV awareness presentations and workshops.

He provides strategic-level input and medical expertise to help determine the strategy/direction of LetsStopAIDS.

Lia D’Abate
Vice President, International

Currently a Ph.D. candidate in molecular genetics, Lia is passionate about science communication and investigating public health issues.

In 2011, Lia joined LetsStopAIDS as an International Youth Ambassador “Spread Trees, Not AIDS” programme based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The aim was to collaborate with youth attending the KwaHilda Ongcwele Community Care Centre at various sites in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa to lead environmentally sustainable lives and understand the impacts of HIV on the community at large.

Since then, Lia has transitioned to Vice-President of Youth-HIV Programmes and coordinates our international HIV programs, such as the International Youth Internship Program, and the creation of the LiveLifeLoving online portal.

Marvin Ng
Vice-President, Development

Marvin is a licensed pharmacist graduated from the University of Waterloo. He has a strong passion for patient care and pharmacy advocacy. He has delivered community seminar and lectures on various medical topics including, HIV and disease prevention.

He is bringing over 5+ years of work experience for student councils and other not-for-profit organizations. His current job focuses on developing national patient programs for pharmacies.

Marvin believes in the mission and values that LetsStopAIDS brings to communities on a national and international level. He wishes these effort to be better broadcasted to public outlets.

Marvin welcomes ideas, collaborations and discussions on how you see LetsStopAIDS expanding its programmes.

Aquin George
Vice-President, Communications

Aquin is an editorial and communications expert with over 20 years of experience. He has worked for national and international newspapers, news websites, international magazines, and has headed a successful media company that provides marketing communication services to global brands. Aquin has worked in the past with non-profit organizations such as the Emirates Culinary Guild in Dubai, and the Kalyan Eparchy Youth in Mumbai. His involvement has allowed their voice and success stories to be heard by a larger audience, and he intends to replicate that success at LetsStopAIDS.

Aquin has a Bachelor’s degree specializing in financial auditing and accounting, a Master’s degree specializing in business management, and an executive education certificate in marketing from MIT – Sloan School of Management. During his free time, he loves mentoring students who want to make their mark in the editorial and publishing space.

Winston Tang
Vice President, People & Culture

Winston currently works at Luminato Festival and has worked various industries within Human resources. He completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto and then a post-graduate from Seneca College. He has recently attained his CHRL designation.