About Us

LetsStopAIDS is a youth-driven Canadian charity. We focus on HIV prevention and knowledge exchange by engaging youth and fostering leadership.

LetsStopAIDS was officially founded in 2004 by Shamin Mohamed Jr, with a small group of high school students that decided to take on a challenge. The challenge kept on increasing which created a specific goal: to inspire youth affected by HIV to take action, within local communities.

Our Vision

Zero New HIV Infections: Every youth is given the knowledge, resources, and support necessary to make this vision a reality.

Our Core Values

Our mission is to engage youth in the promotion of HIV prevention through open dialogue.

SHARE: We share information and knowledge about HIV. Teamwork and diverse ideas are at the core of our initiative.

INSPIRE: We inspire youth to take action, within local communities. Young people must be engaged in leadership roles.

CREATE: We create a global network of youth-HIV peer educators. Through youth leadership and volunteer opportunities, we promote HIV prevention.

How do we do it?

Knowledge Exchange. Through life experiences and non-traditional methods, such as virtual media, arts and sports education, we connect youth to be integrated into HIV prevention education.

Prevention. We discuss today’s standard for HIV prevention including, but not limited to, HIV testing, safe sex, abstinence and needle exchange.

In Canada, our main activities include raising HIV awareness through youth-oriented media outlets and combining fundraising initiatives with education by running an event entitled the “24 Hour Wake” at schools across Canada.

What do we stand far?

Community. We cultivate inclusive community programmes that incorporate youth, teachers, social workers, healthcare professionals and partner organizations.

Leadership Development. We develop strong community leaders through meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Accessibility. We provide access to HIV knowledge, resources and support.

Who does it?

100% Volunteers (really). “All it takes is one action to make one dream a reality.” When young people are given an opportunity to express their passion, we are able to translate vision into reality.

Past Projects

In 2007, LetsStopAIDS launched the 24 Hour Wake, which is a national educational and fundraising event where participants from coast-to-coast stay awake for 24 hours to promote HIV awareness and to generate greater interest towards local and international issues relating to the global HIV epidemic.

LetsStopAIDS sent a team of volunteers to South Africa in July, 2008, to conduct workshops with enthusiastic youths in a number of poverty-stricken communities. This project served as a pilot for the new campaign called “Spread Trees, Not AIDS”.

LetsStopAIDS sent delegates to the 17th International AIDS Conference, from August 3-8 in Mexico City. At the conference, the delegates were able to receive information on the latest in HIV research and reconnect with organizations that were met at the AIDS 2006 conference, while making many more new connections as well.

In July 2009, LetsStopAIDS launched the Spread Trees, Not AIDS programme in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. The programme has sent international youth ambassadors to South African communities as a result of environmental degradation and HIV infection. LetsStopAIDS' international youth ambassadors lead educational workshops that highlighted the connection between HIV and the environment and empower South African youth to take action to be leaders in their communities.

Our Leadership Team

Shamin Mohamed Jr
Founder & President

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Shamin Mohamed Jr. is 22 years old, in the Honours Baccalaureate of Health Sciences program at the University of Ottawa. Shamin is born in Toronto with a Guyanese background. He is the founder and president of the national charity, LetsStopAIDS. Shamin lives by his motto, “All it takes it one action to make one dream a reality.”

When Shamin was fifteen, he was devastated to learn about the death of children through HIV and AIDS. He wanted to make a difference and prove that youth have a strong impact on society. At the age of fifteen, Shamin founded LetsStopAIDS with a small group of high school students. Shamin has been an inspirational speaker to thousands of youth across Canada, South Africa, China and India promoting the message that youth can truly make a difference. Shamin, who has always been keen to take action and make a difference, started LetsStopAIDS from an idea, which has now evolved into a national charitable organization.

Shamin Mohamed Jr. is a recipient of the DAREarts Leadership award and is one of the 2005 Canada’s ‘Top 20 Under 20’ for innovation, leadership and achievement. He has been the president of his middle school and high school. He was also the Toronto District School Board’s SuperCouncil President representing 86 000 secondary students in 103 secondary schools. He is also a member of the University of Ottawa senate.

Shamin is a humanitarian, inspirational speaker, a leader, and a follower that believes that everyone can achieve their dreams, once they strive for it.

Christina C. Melon
Vice-President, International

Having developed and delivered health education programming within Canada and internationally, Christina aims to integrate this experience into her work with LetsStopAIDS. Additionally, she brings to this role a multidisciplinary understanding and approach to health issues, and consistently strives for innovative programming.

Aside from her public outreach roles, Christina has worked – and continues to do so – on a diverse range of research projects related predominantly to global health and child-maternal health issues. She has several years of direct clinical experience, and holds an honours undergraduate degree in medical anthropology, as well as graduate awards in public health and health services management.

Christina is always welcoming of suggestions and feedback from members of the public. She can be easily reached at: cmelon@LetsStopAIDS.org

Sally Suen
Vice-President, National

Sally is currently in her final year at Queen's University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science Honours. Throughout her high school career, she became very interested in issues relating to the global HIV epidemic. Sally has since worked closely with the HIV and AIDS community by participating in the XVI International AIDS Conference as well as working as a summer student at the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. Outside of her studies, Sally is an avid volunteer with many organizations and was the recipient of the City of Vaughan Citizenship Award as well as the Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Citizenship Award.

Last year, Sally took her passion for volunteering abroad to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where she provided support at a local orphanage. Sally absolutely enjoys working with and speaking to youth, and strongly believes that everyone has the potential to be a leader. As the African proverb says, “if you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.”

Mark Diker
Director, Human Resources

Mark is a recent graduate from York University, holding a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management, with the ambition to pursue a Masters degree within his related field. He has had numerous opportunities be employed in a variety of fast-paced, diverse and well organized companies which have helped build upon his HR knowledge and expertise. The skills acquired by Mark will be used to design and implement high-quality human resources programs, practices and procedures for LetsStopAIDS.

Mark is a Toronto native and has been an active member of his community, consistently helping others since his younger days. Mark strongly believes that everyone should lend a hand, assisting one another in an effort to strengthen the neighbourhood whether locally or globally.

Mark adds, “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too”, and with that in mind his aim with LetsStopAIDS is to make a difference for youth around the world suffering from HIV and AIDS.

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